New Blog Alert! New Blog Alert!

Please join me in welcoming a new blog to the list of troublemakers over there on the right: Customer Service Sux. This new blog was started by my good friend Roy, with whom I had the pleasure of working for two short years in the world of corporate training. (Those of you who have been down that road know what a glamorous life that is. Yes, while some may have Paris, Roy and I will always have the Cracker Barrel in St Louis, the nachos grande in the Charlotte airport, ham and cheese subs in Auburn, Maine.).

One of Roy’s great gifts as a trainer is that he’s a wonderful story-teller, so I was excited when he told he was thinking of blogging. No matter which side of customer service you may sit on, you’ll find great insight in his writing. So please, Jello heads, go forth and show some bloggy love to our newest member of the blogroll: Customer Service Sux.



  1. Great blog! Thanks for the link!

    And Tom, spelling aside, I think that is definitely Pooky Shoehorn.

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