Getting old is hard to do

xrayBut yes, it is better than the alternative. Still, please, let me whine a little. As many of you know, I had a birthday over the weekend, and I had a great time.  (Okay, that part you maybe didn’t know.) I saw lots of friends and family, and despite much stressing on my part (would you expect anything less from me?) everything went off just fine. We even managed to get in some drunken wii bowling on Saturday night, which is part of the reason why my shoulder aches right now.  But mostly, it aches because I went to the doctor this morning and she made me do all kinds of silly motions like “reach for something in your back pocket, now stretch your arms out, now touch your fingers together over your head.”

Can I just say, “Owww!”

Some of you may remember me mentioning a little “almost-tumble” I took back in December, wherein loose slippers on dusty basement steps equals me slipping. I tried to defy the laws of gravity — and did  in fact keep myself from landing on the landing, but it was at the expense of my right shoulder, which was twisted in the process. My death-grip on the handrail saved my butt, but not my shoulder.

Months have gone by, much ibuprofen has been consumed. The shoulder merely aches a bit occasionally, and I think “Oh, it’s getting better!”  — that is, until I do something like throw the tennis ball for Fritz. Upon release of said fuzzy green ball, I get a stabbing pain in my shoulder that feels like someone has, well, stabbed me. The ball falls short, and Fritz  merely looks at me with a Scooby Doo expression: “Hunh?” (head tilted to one side), as I utter curse words along the lines of the father in A Christmas Story.

I knew it was bad when I did those range of motion exercises for the doctor and grimaced/ gasped/ and otherwise exhibited signs of immense pain, she said “Oh my god!” (Not really words you want to hear coming for your doctor’s mouth, but the reason I like her is that she is very empathetic. I think she was just surprised that I could be sitting there calmly one moment and in such pain the next. And don’t worry — I’m really not in pain right now, because of course I don’t do anything with my right shoulder. Yes, I realize that could become a problem. That’s why I went to the doctor in the first place.)

So, what are you getting for your birthday, Sue J? Why, an MRI, thank you very much!


  1. Happy belated birthday! Glad you could kick up your heels for it.

    (my head is hung in shame that I forgot it. sorry…)

  2. Oh my goodness, Cootamundra! You have enough going on to keep anyone busy! Besides, I’ve decided to make it an entire birthday month. So we can always celebrate later!

  3. Hope your shoulder recovers. I can relate. I recently developed a pain in my left thumb! Who knew you used your left thumb for so many things? It clicks when I bend it and hurts when I put pressure on it. And I don’t even have a Blackberry!

  4. You poor thing. How awful that in saving yourself from one kind of injury, you ended up with another.

    Still – I’m glad you had a good birthday! And I’m tickled to hear that you were doing finger operas!

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