Spring Cleaning: Doin’ It Bloggy Style

Please bear with me as I try out some new designs for our Nailing Jello home. Feel free to let me know what you like/ don’t like about what you’re seeing. I care. I really do.



  1. How could you ever go wrong with a picture of Fritz lost in deep reflection?

    There is a column’s width of empty space on both sides of the page. Can you move the sides out so the middle section is larger? I prefer to have lots of space to properly enjoy your incisive commentaries!

  2. Decisions, decisions. But unfortunately I am restricted on the column widths — I have many “themes” to choose from, but they are what they are. I like the 3 column layout because it lets me have a lot of links on the sides without making users scroll down to China before they get to then end of the page.

    I will probably stick with this 3-column layout, but will try to be more aware of how I size and place images in the middle column.

    Of course, who doesn’t like Fritz! But I’m not sure … I may go with the other image, Morgan, if I can find the better copy of it — it’s on a thumbdrive somewhere around here ….

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