It’s a New Day at the House of Jello!

I am pleased to announce an expansion of sorts here at the House of Jello. Beginning today, we have a new member of the Nailing Jello to the Wall blogging team: Sarah, the artist formerly known as Suburban Lesbian Housewife. If you’ve visited Sarah‘s own blog in the past, you know that she writes insightful and thought-provoking posts on a wide variety of topics. She is also one of the first bloggers I got to know when I started writing two years ago (two years ago? has it really been that long now?!) She’s a great person and a great writer, and I’m thrilled to have her posting here.  Especially since she also posts over at that grown-up place,

Welcome, Sarah!



  1. thank you all… Sue and I plan to give firedoglake a run for it’s money. just you wait and see…

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