Meet Mitch the Robot

mcconnellI’m sorry, I really don’t want to get all “crazy lady feminist” here, but really. I keep hearing these powerful white men in the Senate saying stupid things, and I just can’t stand it! Here’s what I just heard Mitch McConnell say about voting against Judge Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court Justice :

[he has] “a concern that she would bring preexisting personal and political beliefs into the courtroom.”

How can these men think that they don’t have any “preexisting personal and political beliefs.” Does anyone think that Chief Justice John Roberts doesn’t? Antonin Scalia?

Anyone? Anyone?

“Preexisting personal and political beliefs” are a part of human nature. This is not something that only belongs to women and people of color. In fact, what concerns me the most about several of the men currently sitting on the Supreme Court is this very fact!

Good christ I am sick of writing about this. President Obama, I am still waiting for my pony….

photo credit: AFP



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