Note to MSM: Equal Marriage Advocates Are Out There

I suppose that people coming together is kind of, well,  “boring” to the mainstream media. So you may not have encountered this story in your travels:

Clergy Rally in Support Of Same-Sex Marriage

A diverse coalition of more than 100 clergy gathered in a Southeast Washington church yesterday to show their support for same-sex marriages in the District.

“We declare that our faith calls us to affirm marriage equality for loving, same-sex couples,” said the Rev. Dennis Wiley, pastor of the Covenant Baptist Church, as he stood in the pulpit of his church before religious leaders from all eight wards of the city.

The clergy, who have formed a group called D.C. Clergy United for Marriage and Equality, plan to challenge the efforts of a more conservative group of pastors who are pushing for a referendum on same-sex marriage. Last month, the D.C. Council voted to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, and some council members plan to introduce a bill to allow the marriages to be performed in the District. Some members of Congress have said they will attempt to block same-sex marriage from becoming legal in the District.

I wish this story were getting more national coverage. There has been a lot of discouraging news in the LGBT world lately, and this kind of story can help to keep  us going in the fight for equal rights.

Read the rest of the story here.



  1. WHOA! I would never have imagined a baptist preacher saying this stuff. This is an amazing story — one that should get more press, as you say. But of course–teh gays are the devil!

  2. dguzman, thanks for linking here, too. I don’t know why this story is not getting more coverage!

    unless … it’s the work of … Satan!

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