“Wang Dang Doodle” in God’s Choir Now

Blues legend Koko Taylor died yesterday at the age of 80. She was a giant among blues giants, and was one of the first women blues singers I listened to. Hearing her voice when I was just a teenager is in large part why I have been a lifelong fan of the blues. This is a sad day, but Ms Taylor lived a good long life and brought so much joy and enrichment to people all over the world.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



  1. How did you first hear her? I’m impressed that you’ve been listening to her since you were a teen. The closest I got to the blues at that time was David Bromberg. (I still have a soft spot for him, but let’s face it, he doesn’t play in the same league).

  2. WOW…! We are getting older. She was pro Theee most influental woman in the Blues. What a great gift she gave to us….

    I hope she is at peace…

  3. Karen, Hey Cuz!! When I was a teen I was a major Bonnie Raitt fan, and that led me to find otu about women like Koko Taylor, Sippie Wallace, Big Mama Thornton, etc. I love David Bromberg, too though! (How about Taj Mahal? Ry Cooder?)

    UP, I think she’s stompin the floorboards up there!

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