Sue J Reappears and This is All She’s Got?

I apologize for the light posting lately. It’s been a time of changing schedules and, well, I don’t do well with that. I’ve take a couple of days off from work because of household car problems, and in my usual stressed out way I have trouble relaxing during unexpected time off. Yeah, I know. What’s up with that, Sue J?

I’m not going to write a diary of what’s keeping me busy. You’re busy, too, after all. And being at home is not so bad. It has meant being able to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich  for lunch, and that’s not something I can usually do at the office. It has also meant being able to mow the lawn in the tropical humidity today just before the storm came through. And it has meant lots of quality nap time with Fritz the Dog.

It’s funny how these forced “stop and smell the roses” moments come along. They really do make me stop and appreciate what I have around me now, and to remember what I have learned along the way in my lucky, lucky life. . This afternoon after I finished the lawn I looked over at Fritz and saw a couple of gnats hovering around his ears, as they like to do with a black dog. And that got me to remembering when I was about 8 or 9 and my family rented a house at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. That was unusual, because we usually camped on our family vacations. But I think my Dad got a deal on this house, and it wasn’t on the beach or anything. In fact, it was several blocks away from the beach in a tree-lined neighborhood. And that is where I first learned the lesson that mosquitoes love dark colors. You see, one afternoon we had a black and red beach towel hanging on the clothesline outside, and on that towel were hundreds of mosquitoes. It was impressive.  And since then, when I go hiking anyplace where there are mosquitoes I always stay away from dark clothes.

Yes, that’s all I have for today. Try to remember the details of the memories you have from when you were 8 or 9.  They might come in handy.



  1. I “stopped and smelled the roses” tonight when that storm rolled in. I sat on the porch swing with my kids and watched the lightening tear up the sky and the clouds roll on through! It was a much needed break! -kristin

  2. Good point, about the roses, I mean. I have a nice second flush going on in the yard today, and I’m at home waiting for a contractor to make a bid. Think I’ll sniff them.

    The roses, not the contractor.



  3. you mean like when your mother put white vinegar on your sunburn? it stops the burn much better than the store bought stuff, and much cheaper too!!

    wish it would stop raining here long enough to mow the lawn!!!

  4. Mosquito jokes
    What has 6 legs, bits and talks in code?
    A morse-quito!

    What do you get if you cross the Lone Ranger with an insect?
    The Masked-quito!

    What has antlers and sucks blood?
    A moose-quito!

    What is a mosquito’s favorite sport?

    What’s the difference between a lawyer and a mosquito?
    A mosquito drops off you when you die!

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