“Searching for Something”

To quote Joey Ramone, people seem to be “Searching for Something.” Every once in a while I like to look at the search words that people have used to stumble upon Nailing Jello to the Wall. For a lifelong people-watcher like me, it’s fascinating. I mean, please don’t get paranoid or anything — I’m not actually watching you. I don’t even look to see what city you’re in. Honestly. But isn’t it interesting: here I sit typing, and there you sit reading, and … how exactly did you get here?

There are the expected searches. Rachel Maddow tops that list, followed by Guantanamo bay, swat valley, health care, and Iraq war, among others. But I thought I’d share some of the more unusual and non political searches to end the week.  So in no particular order:

  • who discovered jello
  • il se sent
  • airport security gay
  • fritz squirrel dogs
  • is jello copyrighted?
  • george bush hang it on the wall
  • jello icon
  • toads maryland
  • nailing pie to the wall
  • toad spawn
  • sotomayor and tough to pigeonhole
  • you spin me right round baby right round
  • carrot soup martha stewart
  • drunk george bush
  • jello poems
  • testicle nailing


  1. Now why would anyone ruin a perfectly good pie by nailing it to the wall?

    I realized that I’d really shifted focus when my blog no longer gets hits for mammary glands and now gets hits for items like “addicted to vacuuming.”

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