Trying to Keep Up With the World

It’s really not fair of the world to be so busy when this poor little blogger has so much to do in her own little sphere. It really would be nice if Iran would just settle this election situation quickly and without a fuss, but that doesn’t seem likely to happen. War and conflict continue around the world, meaning that millions of people have been displaced and are living in horrid conditions as refugees. Health care reform continues to be bogged down in political gamesmanship. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Don’t ask. Neo Nazis? okay! Homos? — meh, not so much.

Meanwhile, the Republican party has discovered the InternetMachine and is using it prolifically to send out racist messages. You know. ‘Cause they think it’s funny.

Listen, world. I’m just a little blogger with limited time. I work full time and and I’m taking two classes. I recycle, and I keep my lawn mowed and tidy. I pick up after my dog, and I stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk. It’s really all I can do sometimes to scan the headlines. Please stop making the world such a complicated place.


Sue J



  1. That’s why television has reruns in the summer. So you can catch up! (If only they would rerun something good, like the Addams Family or Lost In Space…)

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