Conservatives Can Be So Literal Sometimes …

sanfordI can only guess that after he refused federal stimulus funds, someone must have told South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford to “take a hike.” Because apparently walked out his front door, headed for the Appalachian Trail, and just kept walking.  And you have to love the Sanford’s “family values” apparent from this story:

Sanford ditched his security detail on Thursday, missed Father’s Day weekend with his family, and didn’t show up at work Monday.

Neither his wife, nor the state’s lieutenant governor, nor police officials know where he is, South Carolina newspapers reported.

But Jenny Sanford told the Associated Press she wasn’t worried.  “He was writing something and wanted some space to get away from the kids,” she said while vacationing with the couple’s four sons.

Because nothing says “I love you Dad” like some space.



  1. It is very stressful as a Republican to turn down money someone is just handing to you. Maybe authorities should check in to his periodical disappearances coinciding with the Appalachian Trail serial murders.

  2. Argentina, Appalachia. You can understand the confusion ….

    Heh. This is great. Now the US Embassy there says they had no idea he was there.

    I do love a good mystery ….

  3. It gets better. He’s now confessed to an affair. Are there any Republicans left who can manage to keep it in their pants?

  4. Here we go again……another do nothing politician caught with his pants down, on the public’s dime. If I were in a position to do so, I would be calling for him to resign. At least
    letterman and Conan got some good material from it.

  5. It really shouldn’t be legal for politicians to marry. They are a threat to the traditional definition of marriage ….

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