Oh, by the way, how’s that little situation in Afghanistan going these day?

Not so well, it turns out.

Forty-one US-trained Afghan guards have been arrested after a shootout in which Kandahar’s provincial police chief was killed, the regional governor says ….

Up to eight other policemen were killed after the guards, who are employed by US security forces, entered the prosecutor’s office in Kandahar city.

Is it worrisome to have private security guards running around Afghanistan, guns ablaze? You bet — that’s why it’s being “discussed”:

The attack came as the Afghan Parliament continued to discuss legislation to curb the power of private security firms.

Security companies have been accused of taking part in crimes or being barely-disguised private armies controlled by former warlords.

However with wealthy Afghans and international organisations increasingly worried about security the sector is booming and employs up to 30,000 guards.

This is just going to get worse, folks.



  1. What?!?! We’re still in a war? I figured nothing was going on in Afganistan anymore, that N. Korean had disposed of all their missles and the regime in Tehran had agreed to a second election. It has to be, because all the major news I’m hearing about is dead celebrities. Sanford and Obama both have been fortunate for that.

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