Somebody’s gonna be in trouble when he gets home!

And even President Sarkozy knows you should be more discreet than this!




  1. You know, there are two things that I find interesting about the hoopla around this photo. (1) The amount of vitriol on the right-wing nutjobs who have taken a very nasty racist angle with it. And (2) the number of people who see the video and maintain there is not a split second of a glance by Obama as a pretty young woman passes by.

    I’ve seen the video several times, and watched it in slow motion, It’s not the end of the world. BUT, I maintain that there is a moment where he steals as glance at the young woman’s rear — albeit while he is being a gentleman and helping another woman down the steps. Sarkozy, on the other hand, is just a dog.

    I also think this didn’t deserve the amount of attention it’s getting. I am more than certain that Michelle Obama has cleared up any confusion about what REALLY happened in this photo ….

  2. Perhaps he noticed the girl, but he stopped and was turning to take the hand of the girl behind him. The press coverage is like the time that Drudge posted a picture of John Kerry with an orange face and said that it was a fake tan right before one of the debates. The picture had been altered in Photoshop, the original photo proved that it was a fake. Everyone heard about the alleged fake tan, nobody heard about the false Photoshop alteration. Drudge is responsible for this Obama item as well.

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