Today in misleading captions ….

From the front page of McClatchy news service today:

ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 16 09.05

Really? Because it seems to me that talking about her  20 years as a judge might be a small hint of how she might rule ….



  1. Why, OH WHY, would you ever want to talk about the established record when you can talk about race? I with DCap on this.
    Did you catch Pat Buchanan on Rachel last night? If not, find it online. Drop my jaw.

  2. Ah, Pat Buchanan and the white man’s grievance.

    “Get off my lawn you people of color! And feminists, too!!”

    I continue to be amazed at Rachel Maddow’s ability to have intelligent discussions (on her part, that is) with these raging lunatics who just want to shout and be ridiculous.

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