Poetry (and Pooch) Follow-Up

Did you enjoy yesterday’s poem? Of course you did, because I know my readers out there are a dog-lovin’ bunch.  So you’re probably expecting me to post something today about Fritz the Dog, but he has asked me to post about a fellow canine who needs some help.  Her name is Willow:


If this little girl hasn’t warmed your heart with just her eyes, let me tell you a little bit about her.

I think I may have mentioned before that some of my colleagues foster dogs for the local branch of the SPCA.  Many a bad day of mine (not that I have many) has been saved by puppy kisses or a wagging tail. You can imagine that the dogs they foster come in all shapes and sizes and have a variety of reasons for being homeless. Often they are strays that have been brought in. Willow was brought in to the shelter because her owner could no longer afford to feed her.

I’ll let you ruminate on that for a moment.

In the photo above, Willow has put on some weight so she no longer has ribs visible through her fur, and her coat is shiny and smooth. But even in her most dire straights, Willow has been one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. Trusting, loving, and happy! And this from a dog who has received very little in return from humans. My colleague wrote about Willow:

What’s so amazing to me about Willow’s apparent love of balls is that the first few days we had her as a foster dog she didn’t seem to even know what a ball—or any other toy—was. We weren’t particularly surprised by that since this two-year-old Lab/setter mix had spent the previous 12 months outside in a backyard bearing puppies…and losing weight. Her owner eventually relinquished her at the county shelter—along with a two-year-old male dog and an 8-month-old puppy—because he couldn’t feed them.

It was the right decision…just a bit late. Willow, who should ideally weigh about 45 pounds, tipped the scales at about 33 when we got her. We could count each rib, and petting her made me want to cry because her spine was like a sharp mountain ridge running down her back. But, today, just three weeks later, Willow is the picture of health. She weighs about 42 pounds and her fur is a beautiful glossy black with mahogany red highlights.

If we could afford to take in another hungry soul at the House of Jello, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to bring Willow home. We have been so fortunate to have Fritz live with us (someone said the other day “He’s always smiling!”). And Willow is another one of those very special dogs that will bring good energy to any place (and anyone) that surrounds her. If you think you might be able to help Willow,  contact the folks at the SPCA/HS of Prince George’s County, PO Box 925 Bowie, MD 20718 | 301.262.5625. Or check out the SPCA/HS Prince George’s County Blog.



  1. Oh My! What a wonderful face!

    Willow, I wish you the best of homes!

    How I wish there wern’t dog allergies (of the anaphylatic sort) in our home.

  2. Oh, she really is just adorable. I so wish we could take her in, but alas, we are at our animal limit for the time being. Willow is such a sweetheart, though, I know that she will find good home. And I know that my colleague does not mind having her in the meantime. And I get to walk down the hall to her office to sit on the floor and cuddle this love-sponge of a dog!

  3. SPCA/HS Prince George County Blog:

    We only place animals within a 35-mile radius of the metropolitan Baltimore/DC area.

    Lupa and I have failed to meet the criteria!

  4. i have been checking out the shelters in hopes of finding another companion, but no luck so far. wish i lived closed, as willow seems just perfect!!!

  5. We have two very old cats (Troy, 18 and Willow, 17) and we have sworn to have a year without pets once they are gone.

    But I couldn’t help telling Alan about this dog. His response:

    “Get that picture away from me or I’ll be driving to Baltimore and establishing residency!”

  6. I will certainly keep you posted — she has an appearance coming up in Frederick MD in a couple of weeks (hear that, my Frederick Friends?), and some other leads. She’s a busy girl, but I’ll let you know what happens with her.

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