But hey — all the tile is down!

FritzBEyedSusansI am feeling a wee bit overextended these days, and poor bloggy here has been neglected. The longer I wait between posts, the more pressured I feel ( from myself) for the next one to be a really great one. Well phooey on that!  If you’ve missed my posts and want to read on, be forewarned that there is mundane household stuff ahead ….

So, first I should let you all know that Willow’s foster mom has informed me today that Willow has had three applications put forth for her adoption. The top pick sounds like a great family who will appreciate this fine girl. All she needed was one adoption event, and people were ready to grab her up. Good girl, Willow! (Fritz is very happy for her!)

But enough about her, let’s talk about me. I am taking two classes this semester in a certificate program for Web Design. Working for a state university, I get tuition remission if I attend any of the universities in the state system. Since we’re not getting a raise, and not even getting a cost of living adjustment, I figure I’d better take the bennies where I can. (Saying once again, however, I am very grateful to have a job!)

Why two classes when I am working full-time with an hour commute each way every day? Well, one of the classes is online, so I can fit it into my schedule pretty easily. (Which generally means I am turning in the assignments just before the deadline at midnight on Sunday.)

It’s the other class that’s killing me. Not in the amount of work — the online class involves programming and web design (and I am no programmer so it takes me much longer to complete the assignments).  But the class I need to attend in person is called “Elements of Commercial Design,” and I know what you’re thinking: “Sue J., that actually sounds pretty interesting.”  Well, it would be if the instructor had a clue about how to teach software. Very little of the class is higher-level theoretical stuff (best practices, you might call it). Most of the class consists of him teaching us the Adobe Creative Suite. Let me rephrase that: Most of the class consists of  him showing us the Adobe Creative Suite, from 6:30 -10 pm every Monday night.

In case you don’t know what I do for a living, I teach software.


I cannot begin to tell you how painful it is to sit in a computer lab and have the instructor sit at his computer at the front of the class playing around with Adobe Illustrator. God forbid you should actually have the program open on the computer in front of you and try to do some the things he’s demonstrating — a sharp reprimand is your fate! So instead, you try to write down notes (“The what tool was that?”). And then the next day when you open up Illustrator and try to do the week’s assignment, your notes make next to no sense.

And the teacher in me gets even more frustrated, because I glance around the room and I see: the middle-aged woman in the back who knows how to do everything he’s showing us, doing homework for another class; the young hipster girl who spent the entire time last night texting to someone; the guy in the back who’s a sharp  dresser like maybe he works on K Street, the guy with a very good eye for design — he sits with his head in his hands, fingers drumming his temples; the Eastern European woman who always sit front and center, sitting with her arms crossed and never a smile (although she has very good design suggestions when it’s critique time — if given in a rather abrupt “De logo ees too beeg!”); and the Australian woman who usually sits next to me and leans over and says “Where did he just go?” because you really cannot see the tools he is using on the screen at the front of the classroom — it’s way too small.

I have about three weeks left in these classes, and then I think I’m taking the fall semester off. There’s still more to learn, and I am still short the Certificate, it’s true. However, I think I am well on my way to making a gajillion dollars by doing web sites for people on the side.

At least that’s the plan.



  1. How many zeros in a gajillion?

    Remember to breathe deeply and regularly. You can get through this!

    Perhaps this week there should be 2 days of music videos…

  2. Hang in there. I admire that you’re sticking out. Long ago, I enrolled in a single evening class at IU East. Two three-hour sessions in on Russia, and I was toast.

    It will be good in the end. And, hey, who needed a new post when you added that slick new banner at the top. Fritz was nice, but that is great…

  3. Interesting! Just this morning while getting ready for work and contemplating the much needed make over of my bathroom, I thought, gee, Sue J. hasn’t given an update on the neverending project. Understanding the small project going big concept, I decided the bathroom can wait for another time. Glad the tile is down…
    The guardian of the gate looks pretty happy for Willow! I share the emotion for the lucky girl.

  4. Cootamundra: It’s a lot of zeroes, that’s for sure. And thanks again for being my guinea pig for my class project!

    Tom T: I think two 3-hour sessions on Russia would toast me, too!

    Morgan: We have house guests coming in about a week, so that’s always good incentive to finish things off. I have wanted to post more photos of the progress, but Unnamed Partner has asked me not to post pictures of our toilet on teh Internet. Go figure!

  5. Thanks for the update! And I hear you about bad classes. One time husband and I decided we wanted to learn Portuguese so we took an evening class – one of those adult ed classes at the local high school. What a disaster…the teacher couldn’t do it at the last minute so some other guy did it who wasn’t a teacher but happened to know Portuguese. You can imagine how little we learned. My sympathies! But glad to hear you’re going for that certificate, I’m sure you will be a great web designer.

  6. so glad to hear willow will be finding a new home down there. will save me a summer trip to maryland, and i am almost certain she would have hated the winter here in maine!

    good luck getting through the remaining classes

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