Blog Pause

Today’s forecast: Continued sporadic posting as Sue J continues to spin plates/ live a balancing act/ wear many hats. As my classes wind down, work winds up. Tucked into this week is a long-anticipated break, a visit from a dear dear friend and her two wonderful kids. On the agenda: miniature golf, roller coaster rides (for Unnamed Partner, that is — not for me!), a trip to DC to see the newly renovated American History Museum (now with Julia Child’s kitchen!!), a hike, dinner with our bestest friend “Fed with Goats No More,” and perhaps a visit with Matilda the possum. Much merriment and popcorn making shall ensue, no doubt.

As I type this morning, they are on the Acela, speeding down the East Coast. I guess I’d better get off of here and on to the vacuuming and dusting. I just have one more blog I wanted to check out first.  And maybe I’ll just have another cup of coffee ….



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