Why We Need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance

Hat tip to Janet, via Facebook. Please watch, please pass along, please post.  Perhaps the American public will understand this if it’s presented in cartoon format….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Also, don’t forget to visit the animator’s page at Earthly Comics!



  1. Your video didn’t load, but I don’t agree. We don’t necessarily need government run, socialized health insurance, but we do need to take the profit out of insurance. In our system, 20% of our insurance payments go towards administrations. That number needs to be reduced to 3% like Medicare.

  2. Well, Ben Hoffman, Medicare is government run, so I guess I don’t understand why you object to having a government option for health care.

    As you say, and as Liberality agrees, the problem is with the profit motive. We as a society take certain things out of the profit mindset — education, emergency services, for example.

    So why not have that option when it comes to the very well-being of our nation?

    1. I was in favor of non-profit co-ops until I realized that it has been tried and has failed because of corruption. Unless it’s extremely well regulated, that will happen again. And even if it is well regulated, Republicans will deregulate it eventually and it will fail. Blue-Cross actually started off as a non-profit.

      You’re right, the government option is the only solution.

    1. It was me. In a hurry the first time and then again in the correction. This job really gets in the way sometimes. Hey, enjoy Friday and the long weekend!

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