As the President Speaks ….

I’m watching President Obama address Congress, and I so want to entrust him with my hope. But I feel like a scorned lover with him, and I am suspicious of his sweet nothings to my progressive ears.  Unnamed Partner and I are squarely in the middle class, and we are squeezed to death by health care and by the economy in general. This hits us at home as well as when we look around our community and our nation.

It looks like everyone is standing and applauding when he tells the heartbreaking stories of people dropped by their insurance companies in the middle of treatments, but I wonder what the two-faced Republican right-wingers will say when this speech is over.

Still watching ….

“Quality, affordable insurance.” Why is America so afraid of this?

I cannot believe how disrespectful the Republicans are being. They are as crass and ignorant as the town hall attendees they’ve been working into a frenzy.

Whoops! Lindsey Graham almost clapped for Obama!



  1. It was very revealing when the camera panned the repuglican side, wasn’t it? I’ve not been a huge Obama fan, but he did say the right things tonight and called the repugs out for what they are: obstructive nothings . . . .

  2. I was throughly disappointed. I could leave a three page comment on my disappointment. Once again the Republicans have won with an rude and inappropriate comment by Wilson. No MSM is speaking of the Health Care Reform points; they are only speaking of Wilson.

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