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Nate Silver over at FiveThirtyEight has an excellent post up about the status of the fabled “Gang of Six,” which certainly earns the “headline of the day” award:

Baucus Compromise Bill Draws Enthusiastic Support of Senator Max Baucus (D-MT)

After a couple of weeks that have generally looked pretty good for Team Blue on health care reform, Max Baucus’s Senate Finance Committee bill suddenly finds itself devoid of supporters. And everyone seems to have their own, unique way of objecting.

Firstly, there’s Jay Rockefeller, who opposes the lack of a pubic option.

Ron Wyden doesn’t think the subsidies are sufficient.

Then there’s Olympia Snowe, who doesn’t like the funding mechanism.

John Kerry also has issues with the funding plan — different issues than Snowe does — and implies that the bill needs significant changes.

Mike Enzi and Chuck Grassley, who were never really on board in the first place, have a litany of objections.

Kent Conrad now wants the CBO to score the bill with a 20-year time window — an unorthodox move which could have a variety of motives, but if nothing else introduces another wrench into the works.

At least Jeff Bingaman is still on board. For now.

Read the rest here….



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