Intermittent Blogging, with a Chance of Rain

No time for a video today, I’m afraid. Poor Father Jello (Jello Pop?) is in the hospital with a very swollen and infected foot. It’s getting much better after 24 hours of IV antibiotics, so the prognosis is very good. Hopefully he can come home over the weekend.

So I’m at the Old Jello Homestead, visiting with Mom and helping out poor Big Brother who’s been driving this one here and that one there. As a 51 year-old single man, he’s living every soccer mom’s nightmare schedule….

All good vibes sent this way appreciated, and I will post as I can. But obvs  you all know what comes first at the moment.  Have a happy weekend, JelloHeads, and peruse the internet machine for a good video for me!



  1. We send lots of good thoughts and energy your way.
    Take care of YOU also.
    Peter, Paul and Mary doing “Blowin’ in the wind”… perhaps.
    Or a video of Geoffrey Gurrumel Yanupingu…

  2. Best wishes to Jello Pop as he recoops and Mother Jello (hopefully she is not stressing too much over Jello Pop). Blessings to Big Brother! Do you think maybe he could talk to my brother about the importance of family involvement? And I’ll raise a glass to you tomorrow at the Irish fest, as you throw another spinning plate into the air.

  3. Thanks everybody! Pop’s doing well, and so is everyone else. I’m having a sherry with Mom right now, and Earl the Cat is keeping her company at night.

    I sure do miss Unnamed Partner, though ….

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