The Public Option Fight: Insurance Companies 1, Public 0

Two amendments were debated in Senate committees today, and were voted down. One was offerred by Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-West Virginia), the other by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY).

It’s hard to get a handle on what these votes mean. As Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight writes today:

The overall margins are probably about what we might have anticipated going in, but some of the individual votes were surprising. Baucus, who had told his constituents that he wanted a public option, voted against it, as did the waffling Lincoln. But Carper, who had suggested that he’d only vote for a public option with a trigger, supported Schumer’s version, which did not include a trigger, as did another fence-sitter, Bill Nelson, who had made similar statements.

For future reference, via truthout, here are the Dem’s votes today on the Public Option:

Democratic Senators Voting for the Public Option:

Jeff Bingaman, New Mexico; John F. Kerry, Massachusetts; John D. Rockefeller IV, West Virginia; Ron Wyden, Oregon; Charles E. Schumer, New York; Debbie Stabenow, Michigan; Maria Cantwell, Washington; Bill Nelson, Florida (opposed Rockefeller, supported Schumer); Robert Menendez, New Jersey; Thomas Carper, Delaware (opposed Rockefeller, supported Schumer).

Democrats Voting Against the Public Option:

Max Baucus, Montana; Kent Conrad, North Dakota; Blanche L. Lincoln, Arkansas.


One comment

  1. The whole health insurance “reform” is turning out just as I had predicted:

    A weak adjustment to health insurance with no Public Option – much less Single Payer which is the only way to really reform the system – but everyone will be forced to pay into the program thus enriching the insurance companies.

    Big Business gets what they paid for again . . . .

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