Friday Music Video: “I’m Amazed” edition

An ode to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. By My Morning Jacket:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


  1. The pundits are postulating already this morning that this action by the committee is going on the possiblities of Obama’s future not what he has actually accomplished. Has anyone thought about that maybe Obama has accomplished such a change in the States’ position in World view from the last eight years that that is the accomplishment?

  2. re: Obama – Peace Prize…
    I am amazed, baffled, etc.
    Paraphrasing another blogger: ” I guess after Dubya, as long as you don’t blow anything up for a year you look like Ghandi.”

    Speaking of Dubya, he has been rather quiet… Not that that’s a BAD thing. (I hope it’s not a bad thing.)

  3. Yes, apparently the rest of the world is just so happy we’re not invading any new countries, they think Obama has actually done something for world peace.

    Hello Afghanistan troop surge! Hello Abu Ghraib! Hello Iraq! Hello Guantanamo inmates still being held without a trial!

    Thanks Morgan!

  4. Just read this one:

    Sen. James Inhofe (R., Okla.), a senior member of the Armed Services committee and a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, tells NRO that he wishes that President Obama had declined the Nobel Peace Prize. “This just reemphasizes how this president has moved the United States from a foreign policy of strong national defense to one based on multinational cooperation,” says Inhofe. “That is the kind of change that the Nobel committee believes in.”

    “I fear that this could change the president’s view towards Afghanistan,” adds Inhofe. “General McChrystal has a strategy to win. We need 40,000 more troops. If getting the Nobel Peace Prize somehow influences our policy Afghan policy, I’ll be disappointed.”

    Gee, guess I would be terribly disappointed too if nations could actually have “multinational cooperation” instead of knocking each other into oblivion. Good Grief! What a sad society.

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