“New Bill Would Raise Rates, Says Insurance Group”

Well. So nice of the insurance companies to suddenly become so concerned about our rates, isn’t it? I mean these are the same insurance companies who insist that they will not pay for my mother’s physical until she first submits a claim to Medicare — knowing full well that Medicare does not cover physicals.  No, these insurance companies insist that Medicare must waste time processing a claim which they have stated quite clearly — and upfront —  that they would not cover. Only then will the private insurance company — you know, the ones who are so concerned about us and who are oh-so-much-more efficient than Medicare — only then will they accept the claim for a physical.

Yeah.  It’s a great system we’ve got going here in the U.S. of A. ….



  1. The best part is, they based their claims on a study that has no basis in reality. It isn’t even trying to be accurate, it also doesnt calculate what premiums would be with subsidies, so it makes them sound far worse than they actually will be. Really, this whole thing is a boondogle if we let them tell us how to write a health care bill, because they will eat up more of our economy, not less

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