Wake up, progressives! Or Urvashi Vaid will get you fired up!

I wish I’d seen this video from yesterday’s National Equality March first thing this morning — I could have skipped the coffee! Many thanks to Unnamed Partner for sending me this — it’s about 7 minutes long, and worth every second.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. Ditto, Cootamundra!

    And let’s hope our communtiy gets the message that now is not the time to sit on our laurels concerning issues. Some say be patient, Obama has bigger issues. The biggest issue our community and liberals have right now is making sure we maintain majorities in Congress after mid-terms.

  2. Now is the time! Great speech. Back when Bun was in college, a women’s bookstore owner convinced her that she should put gay rights in front of “No Nukes” … that this was more important. It still is! Urvashi is right. Be out of the closet – every day.

  3. Iandanger, unfortunately, I think you are right> It will come down to “the bottom line” for some people to understand the need for change

    Cootamundra W. — thanks!!

    Morgan, I agree. And I would say more, but Fritz just tossed his tennis ball into my glass of wine ….

  4. Bunny & Katie — all of these issues are so intertwined. I hate to say one is more important than the other.

    But it is so true that we must be honest about who we are and be out everyday. But I just listened to President Obama’s speech to HRC from last weekend, and he said we should be a country where “you’re not afraid to hold the hand of the one you love.”

    Unnamed partner and I are out everywhere — family, friends, work. And I have to say, we are a long way as a nation from being a place where we can hold hands anywhere but in Provincetown. I think President Obama is pretty out of touch on this one.

    What do all of you LGBT ‘ers think?

  5. i met urvashi and her partnet at a dinner party here in maine back in 1989, she is incredibly dynamic to be around. and what a cook, she made some indian dishes for the party that were to die for!

    out to everyone myself, and it feels great.

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