Hate Crimes Bill Signing Tomorrow; Obama Administration Gets it Right. Sort Of….

Despite what some recent commenters have implied, I am continually frustrated by President Obama. Tomorrow, he will sign the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which was passed by Congress after being attached to the National Defense Authorization Act. He will first sign the National Defense Authorization Act, and then in a separate ceremony, will sign the Hate crimes Prevention Act.

So, Yay! on the passage of the Act. Yay! on President Obama signing it into law. Yay! on having a separate ceremony to commemorate the importance of this Act.

Boo!, however, that the ceremony for the Hate Crimes  Act will be held at 6:05 pm EST, which is much too late to be included in the evening news with more than a brief mention. And by the Thursday morning  news cycle in this ADHD nation in which we live, it will be “old news” and again will receive nothing more than a quick mention.

So again, I feel we inch forward with this President. yes, this is a milestone.  But I still feel that he is playing politics with a significant population of this country.

And congratulations to our bloggy friend Suburban Lesbian Housewife, who was invited to attend the ceremony at the White House! Double Yay! on that one!!!



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