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  1. he went. bush never did. he’s about to make a decision on troops in Afghanistan and he actually went to watch the bodies of young men and women come home from that war.

    he went. I give him credit.

    now he better end this war. Otherwise, it will be his, as much as it was Bush’s.

  2. For not being a military man, that is one precise salute. Left hand slightly curled with thumb to forefinger, right index two inches off the eyebrow, right hand straight, elbow up, heels together. In eight years of Bush, I never saw such respect given to the action in any circumstances. The manner in which a soldier or CIC salutes expresses their respect to whomever it is directed. All military members, past and present, deserve that. Just as the troops coming home now under these circumstances deserve the escorts to be in full dress blues. I was terribly disappointed to see that after the initial coverage by the MSM, the military went back to the escorts wearing BDUs.
    During the Vietnam war, my hometown paper posted the picture and info of every service personnel that died each day. That should be happening everyday across the U.S. now. Obama and the American people should be forced to see the reprecussions of an ILLEGAL war, any war. Our society puts it on the back burner, forgets and we repeat it all over while fathers, mothers, siblings, spouses and children are left to suffer in their silence.
    Sorry…got on a soapbox..

  3. I think the only regular broadcast of the names is on Newshour with Jim Lehrer on PBS every night, and I believe that George StephanICAnNeverSpellHisName on the ABC Sunday Morning show.

    It seems as if 1% of this country is paying for this war and the war in Iraq by losing their sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, partners and spouses.

    The rest of the country turns the page or clicks away, because it doesn’t affect them at all ….

    It’s a big soapbox. Hope you don’t mind sharing.

  4. This makes me weep. I was thinking today, that whatever his shortcomings as President are, this is an amazing moment in his history.

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