What makes a person snap?

I won’t presume to know exactly what drove Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan to suddenly open fire on his colleagues.  But from news accounts so far, we know this about him: as a psychiatrist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, he witnessed daily the very real effects of war.  And we also know (and Maj. Hasan certainly knew) that he would probably be deployed to either Iraq of Afghanistan in the coming months, if President Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan (and I do think he will probably do that.)

I’m going to post some pictures to remind us of the ravages of war. Of course, the images below are G-rated compared to what is actually happening on the battlefield and in the streets. Bartblog has an entire post of those, which he is posting because he feels we should see the reality. It’s horribly gruesome and not for the faint-hearted. But it’s the truth.

Meanwhile, while people who call themselves “Patriots” and “Freedom Fighters” spend their time on Capitol Hill trying to stop the federal government from the providing health care to all Americans, these brave souls must wonder why no one’s marching on the Capitol and fighting for them:







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