What’s good for the goose …

Most of what I have learned about the insane intricacies of health care coverage in this country have come through my experience with my elderly parents in the last few years. They are on Medicare, as well as having supplemental insurance. My Dad especially has always been very savvy about such things, and he long ago set them up pretty well for their old age.

Still. It’s pretty amazing what is covered and what is not. The most head-scratching, incredulous, WTF coverage has to be this: Medicare will not pay for my 85-year old father’s hearing aids (without which he cannot hear a thing), but, it will pay for him to get a prescription of Viagra.

I am glad to know that the ridiculousness of this fact given the current battle for women’s health care rights  is not lost on everyone. From the always wonderful Digby:

I have a moral objection to paying for any kind of erectile dysfunction medicine in the new health reform bill and I think men who want to use it should just pay for it out of pocket. After all, I won’t ever need such a pill. And anyway, it’s no biggie. Just because most of them can get it under their insurance today doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have it stripped from their coverage in the future because of my moral objections. (I don’t think there’s even been a Supreme Court ruling making wood a constitutional right. I might be wrong about that.)  …

I realize that many people disagree with my moral objections to men getting erections which God clearly doesn’t want them to get, but my principles on this are more important to me than theirs are to them. So too bad. If you want a boner, pay for it yourself.

And I think those noxious advertisements for the drugs should be banned as well, if only for aesthetic reasons. Having to watch my baby boomer fellows wail “Viva Viagra” is offensive to anyone who has any taste in music.

Read the entire post here.



  1. “…After all, I won’t ever need such a pill. And anyway, it’s no biggie.”

    I think that’s what is wife said as well. Badda-bing! ;o)

    Yes, I know that joke is in very poor taste – but how could I resist such an obvious set up line?

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