Tasering children? Is anyone even paying attention any more?

I just don’t understand what is wrong with these people. The Smoking Gun has the police report from the arresting officer — the one who arrested a 10-yr old girl who was refusing to take a shower. The officer writes that upon arriving at the house, he found the little girl “balled up in the floor crying and screaming” and that she began “screaming, kicking, and resisting every time her mother tried to touch her.”

So what does this rocket scientist of a man do? In his own words,

“… at this point I decided that there was not going to be a peaceful resolution of the issue. I moved her into the living room area and told her she was going to jail.”

‘Cause that’s going to calm her down. Not surprisingly, the girl continued kicking and crying and resisted arrest. We are talking about a 10-year old child here, after all. And yes, she kicked the officer in the groin, and that’s when he Tasered her. But in case you’re thinking about all the huge, adult-like 10 year-olds that you might have met in your lifetime, according to The Smoking Gun, the little girl is “about 65 pounds and 4′ 6.”  No word on the weight and height of Officer Barney Fife Dustin Bradshaw, but it does not sound to me that his life was in danger.

Can anyone explain to me why this is not getting more news coverage?



  1. Because cops can do anything they want to uphold the law–including breaking it if need be I suppose. This is really ridiculous! Cops do not need tasers! They should be taken away from them. How many people have been killed by being tasered by the cops, sometimes repeatedly?

  2. The problem is that so many people like this officer just seem to have no common sense! As I wrote the other day, I have talked about Tasers with a friend who is a former cop and current criminal justice professor. He maintains that they are a useful tool when the officer is in danger because it is less lethal than a gun.

    In other words, when you need to take into custody a 200-lb guy high on PCP, you don’t want to actually shoot him, but you need to temporarily disable him.

    On what planet does an officer need to do that to a 10-year old child?!

    If police cannot train their officers as to when it is appropriate to use a Taser, and when it is not, (which clearly they cannot, given the number of stories about grandmothers and drunks who are being Tased), then these things must be outlawed.

    Not to be too alarmist, but bear in mind, Tasers were just used on the student protesters at Berkeley. Keep that in mind the next time you participate in a protest ….

  3. Part of the “credit” for this incident must go to Mummy, who called in the cops when she couldn’t get her daughter to go to bed.

    Yeah, that’s what the police are for.

    So they brought their swell police tools with them, and high on the pain of having been kicked in the groin, employed them for Law and Order.


  4. to tell you the truth, i am far more disgusted with the mom for calling the police to deal with this situation than the policeman himself, although he went way overboard. where is a dad/uncle/brother/grandda, etc, who might have been able to defuse this situation?

  5. This story is actually getting coverage on the local stations where I sit right now in the south and everyone is shocked.

  6. Dustin Bradshaw fired, sweet. Now go back to your hill billy roots and live off the land you scum bag.

    Its too bad we can’t fired some Mothers or at least taser them.

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