Sarah Palin Book Signing

This video alternates between being very very funny, and being extremely terrifying ….

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  1. and to think there’s millions of this kind of interviewees out there…we’re capitalistically screwed.

    The Horror…the Horror !

  2. I have to give credit to the interviewer. Lots of credit. It did not appear even one of the individuals answering realized that they looked like Palin being interview by Couric.

  3. There’s a good chance that I would sound like an idiot if someone asked me to explain myself like that, but dang, these people do scare me in their willful ignorance and complete lack of shame in how stupid they sound.

  4. I know, Lisa. When the Maryland primaries were looming, I was interviewed by the local news at the Hillary Clinton headquarters and asked why I supported her. I felt like a goof, but I also at least had specifics about her proposals for reformed health care policy (ahem), her experience on the international stage making her skilled at negotiating and diplomacy (ahem), and her experience in Washington making her the better candidate to get things through Congress (ahem), and her public support of gay and lesbian rights (ahem, ahem).

    If I was a Palin-type I supporter, I guess I would have just said, “Um, her liberal values. Plus she seems really nice.”

    Now, as an aside, can I just add that I hate when I’m in the middle of writing a comment and the cat throws up. It really interrupts my thoughts!

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