Poetry Break: Christmas Edition

Well, here it is — another Christmas Eve. Honestly, I think if I started planning tomorrow for Christmas 2010, I still wouldn’t be ready for it when it rolled around 12 months from now.  But perhaps I am getting better — I usually have at least one small thing left to pick up somewhere on December 24, but with the delivery last night at 8:30 of my niece’s gift I am officially done with the buying of presents. (Even Fritz managed to get his presents for cousins Earl and Lucy wrapped last night!)

So, with all the worries of the world upon us, I hope you all get  a moment of peace — whether it comes in saying grace or as a simple moment of solitude — to appreciate the wonderful, and often intangible, things you do have in these days of stress and anguish for so many. Here’s todays’ poem from The Writer’s Almanac:

Table Grace

Here we sit as evening falls
Like old horses in their stalls.
Thank you, Father, that you bless
Us with food and an address
And the comfort of your hand
In this great and blessed land.
Look around at each dear face,
Keep each one in your good grace.
We think of those who went before,
And wish we could have loved them more.
Grant to us a cheerful heart,
Knowing we must soon depart
To that far land to be with them.
And now let’s eat. Praise God. Amen.

Gary Johnson



  1. Our basement kitties even wear the same tags. My first thought looking at the picture was, ‘how did LT get under Sue and PU’s tree?’.
    Blessings this holiday season to you and your’s. Enjoy and be safe!

  2. A very happy holiday to you all!

    Enjoy and celebrate with gusto surrounded by family!

    Hope to see you soon.. … …. …..

  3. great poem! here’s wishing the happiest of holidays for you and UP. i look forward to another year of wonderful posts!

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