News nerd alert!

On the one hand, I guess I should be proud of these results:

But you know, I read a lot, I’m a politics nerd, and I probably do follow some of this stuff more than the average American. One or two of the questions were a little obscure.  But 2 percent?! JelloHeads, please let’s improve this overall score!  Take the quiz here:

Test Your News IQ – Pew Research Center

Feel free to tell us your results, or not. It’s not the GREs, after all. We just need to add some better scores to this thing!



  1. I got 11 correct. But, like you, I do a lot of reading. I can imagine a fair amount of people I know not knowing most of the answers (not that I think they are stuipd but just that they don’t pay as much attention to politics as I do).

  2. I got them all.

    Thanks for caring about the educational level of the populace.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if enough people took this test for the low scorers to realize that they should be paying more attention to their political environment?

    Thanks again for putting it out there.


  3. I missed two. I’m such a pessimist that I went with the worst possible answers for unemployment and troops in Afghanistan and then was pleasantly surprised to learn things aren’t quite as bad as I thought.

  4. BTW, love the tag on this, “we’re screwed”. As an academic, I’m sure you noticed that the bell curve peaked below half.

  5. i aced it, somehow! how can it be that nearly a quarter of the people taking this test only scored between 3 and 4 correct. what are they reading or watching? pretty sad really.

  6. I aced it also and I have been only skimming (not sure why) the news recently.

    Perhaps Jelloheads are skillfully attuned to the sorts of subjects in this quiz, or …

  7. I always knew my readers were smarter than the average bear. But it still deeply concerns me that most people who took this could only get 3 or 4 of them correct.

    It was multiple choice, people! It’s not like you had to pull up Max Baucus’ name out of thin air! And 6 percent didn’t get a single answer correct?! Yikes!

  8. yeah, real scary that 45% of the people taking the test got 4 or less answers right. most of the questions were real basic stuff. only 2 or 3 that took a couple seconds to think through. what is going on in this country?

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