Today in adorable dogs

As I’ve mentioned before, a friend and colleague of mine fosters dogs for the local SPCA. Through her I recently met the most adorable fellow, who in other circumstances would be the perfect buddy for Fritz the Dog. Alas, our hands are full with our current costly brood and Dudley will not be joining us no matter how hard we try to factor him into our finances. But you! You don’t have enough animals yet, do you? I mean, look at him:

Dudley is of unknown parentage. Probably Bassett Hound and … Labrador? Hound? Whoever his parents may have been, the result is a grinning face and a body that reminds of something from a Harry Potter movie.

Dudley is just brilliant, that’s all. And he’s looking for a home. If you are interested, check out his page at PetFinder. The listing says he’s a Dachsund, but I can tell you he’s going to be a good 30 pounds more than any Dachshund that I’ve ever met once he gets filled out. (He was somewhat thin when he was dropped off at SPCA.)



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