Poli Sci 101 with Dr. Rachel Maddow

This segment from the Rachel Maddow Show is kinda long (15 minutes) but please watch it the whole way through. As she states early on in the video, of course the Republicans are spinning the Scott Brown election as a monumental sea change, but … it’s not. It’s really, really not. There are plenty of procedural options available to the Democrats for getting things passed through Congress. Democratic politicians lamenting the loss of vote #60 is pathetic.

If that’s their attitude they’d might as well start wearing sweat pants to work because clearly they’ve just given up ….

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  1. As Jon Stewart points out, though, Bush got and did whatever he wanted. He didn’t need a super-majority. Scott Brown’s victory isn’t the end of the democrats accomplishing anything big. They were on that road anyway.

  2. I know, Jessica. I picture all the Democrats (except for a handful of them) showing up in their offices on Capital Hill in sweatpants. It’s just too much effort to get dressed. Or fight for what’s right….

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