Econ 101 Next Up in Pres. Obama’s Freshman Year

Oh, sure he has a degree from Harvard Law, but President Obama is mid-way through his freshman year in the national Reality teevee show known as “The American Presidency.” And it’s been painful to watch.

Last week we all learned a little bit about polling, the fickle voter, and how bills get through Congress. Yay for Poli Sci! This week the president and his advisers are busily writing his State of the Union speech, to be delivered Wednesday. All indications are, its main theme will be along the lines of “Health care? Did we say health care? We meant jobs is our number one concern.”

Apparently they’ve finally figured out that without a job, the average American sees health care as just another expense — falling after the mortgage and the food on the table. So much for our “populist” President ….


One comment

  1. learning the ropes, on the job, is always difficult! let’s hope he, and those with whom he has surrounded himself, are bright enough to figure it out.

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