Obama’s Hatchet Job

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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  1. Scapel? Hatchet? How about chainsaw massacre? Remember Rachel Maddow speaking of the infrastructure? Well, the infrastructure of our government is out of touch. We do need line item review of spending, we do need to put back the pre 80’s bank regulations, we do need review of the tax structure. With the latest Supreme Court ruling, we can get rid of Lobbyists. Corporations can now buy the politicians before they get in office. Americans want to be loved and respected by other countries? Bring all the troops home from war and occupation of places we have long outgrown our welcome. Put the troops to work lining our own borders, assisting INS on applications for immigration, engineer brigades rebuilding roads, bridges, mass transit. Go to other countries through the United Nations forces or in times of need by invitation, such as Haiti. There are solutions to our problems that don’t entail giving more money to the haves and cutting away from the havenots. Eventually, the havenots will be the havenothing and slavery will be legal again. If the citizenry of the nation does not stand up and be heard now, I fear we are on a path of total chaos.

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