McCain Watch: Grumpy Old Man Yells at Gays to “Get off my lawn!”

For all my criticisms about President Barack Obama, let me be clear: Thank god John McCain was not elected! He’s taken his crazy act back to the Senate, though, where he and his BFF Little Joey are trying to keep at bay the menace of letting gay people be honest about themselves (and letting the military be honest, too).

Rachel Maddow has an excellent piece on the inconsistencies of McCain, the ridiculousness of Sen. Sessions, and a nice little job of putting Sen. Lieberman in his place done by Sen. Levin.

When you say the military leaders should make the decision, you really need to listen to their decision.

(You really must watch this all the way to the end — the final shot of Sen. Sessions face is priceless!)

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  1. A friend was over for dinner last night and we sat watching this while finishing our glasses of wine. When Sen. Sessions face popped up, my friend said, “Who is that grumpy toddler that got his toy taken away?”.

  2. they all said they’d listen to the military… until the military said what they didn’t want to hear!

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