Photo for Thought

The caption of this AP photo is “Evening Commute.”  A reminder to me that hardship is relative, and that my daily commute, driving on I-95, is really not so bad after all.

Evening Commute

Afghans walk back home as night falls in Kabul.


  1. I dunno… that stretch of I95 really sucks…

    a friend of mine is going through a very very hard time emotionally right now. she said, well, I’m not in Haiti. I said, that’s not the point. You can’t always compare difficulties. It’s all relevant.

  2. You’re right, Sara, it is all relevant. I know what you mean with your friend — I’ve gone through tough times too, where my Protestant guilt makes me say to myself “Oh quit complaining — other people have it harder.” And I have this internal conversation where I answer back “Really? Can’t I just complain about this — just for once?”

    I think it’s more about perspective, as Donald says. Yeah, my drive sucks. But it could be worse. And — in this case — really, it’s only a commute. It helps me to focus on the many good things in my life rather than bitching about the small ones.

  3. Christopher — welcome to Nailing Jello! I just looked quickly at your blog and can tell I will be visiting again. My family is from Scotland, and I’ve visited once. Your photographs make me miss the beautiful landscapes there!

  4. Your commute effing sucks!

    And what’s this about Protestant guilt? First time I ever heard anyone refer to it. But now after doing some google research, I’m absolutely astonished to say that P guilt has more hits (4.2 mil) than Catholic guilt & Jewish guilt combined. Jewish guilt, which we hear mentioned most often–by comedians maybe?–only brought up 374 K results. C guilt got 348 K, but when I tried Roman Catholic guilt, I got 2.9 mil.

    So what does all this tell you? I’ve gone totally wacko.

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