Wednesday Poetry Break

I think it’s Wednesday, right? I haven’t been to work since last Thursday, so I am starting to lose track of the days. We are in the middle of the Storm of the Century here at the Jello Manse, and grateful to have a new roof and cupboards full of food. The snow is actually blowing sideways as I look out the window, and poor Fritz the Dog almost gets lost when he goes out in the backyard (and it’s a very quick trip indeed!).

Looking out my back window, I’m trying to visualize what it looks like in July. It’s almost beyond imagination. {shiver}

So here’s a little something to jog my memory about warmer days. Enjoy!


Come we to the summer, to the summer we will come,
For the woods are full of bluebells and the hedges full of bloom,
And the crow is on the oak a-building of her nest,
And love is burning diamonds in my true lover’s breast;
She sits beneath the whitethorn a-plaiting of her hair,
And I will to my true lover with a fond request repair;
I will look upon her face, I will in her beauty rest,
And lay my aching weariness upon her lovely breast.

The clock-a-clay is creeping on the open bloom of May,
The merry bee is trampling the pinky threads all day,
And the chaffinch it is brooding on its grey mossy nest
In the whitethorn bush where I will lean upon my lover’s breast;
I’ll lean upon her breast and I’ll whisper in her ear
That I cannot get a wink o’sleep for thinking of my dear;
I hunger at my meat and I daily fade away
Like the hedge rose that is broken in the heat of the day.
— by John Clare


  1. So O’Malley is telling all to stay home and out of the way of the clean up? At this rate, you’re going to be off right into Spring Break. I’m trying to figure out how to get some of the snow out of my back yard before it starts melting and turns into a lake!

  2. cabin fever yet?

    anyone send plows down there? do you have plows down there? I mean, many plows, not just two?

    I know how it feels. And I’m really grateful it’s not here.

  3. I think the end is in sight — although we may get a few more inches on Monday. We have enough plows to handle one of these storms, but not two back to back like this. The only time I’ve experienced this much snow before was in 1996 when I was stranded at my friends’ house in Boston. For 3 days my daily chose was to haul my luggage down the hill to the T and out to Logan to try to get a flight home to DC (on day one I even carried my skis with me, after that I left them at their house). Logan would open up, then National would close. National would open up, but Logan would shut down …

    Unnamed Partner and I both love snow, but it is getting tiresome to shovel 15+ inches off the same sidewalks every few days!

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