Arising from the snowbanks

Good lord, you are a faithful lot, aren’t you? I haven’t posted anything in days — and even those posts were lame. I mean  — videos and pictures of me in the snow. Really,I should be ashamed! But I check my stat counter and am touched to find you still checking in, ever hopeful that there’s something new at the House of Jello.  I promise, your dedication shall be rewarded.

Maybe you heard about the snow we had here in the Mid Atlantic. It was kind of a lot. It was enough to close my office for 6 days, which you might think would mean I’d have loads and loads of time to write. I thought so, too, but it turns out that shoveling almost 30 inches of snow from the sidewalk and from the car — and then going back out  a couple of days later and doing it all over again — leaves a body tired!

Oh — there’s no shortage of ideas. I think of lots of things while I’m shoveling, as well as when I’m about to drop off to sleep at night. Too bad I haven’t had the energy to put thoughts into words once I have the time.  Even worse, I’ve had ideas sent to me by readers (thank you Donald!), and I still haven’t made myself sit down and write.

I realized last week just how much of a creature of habit I really am. With so much snow on the ground, it was clear that I would not be going into work at all last week. Even if my office had opened up, there was no way I could make it out of my neighborhood, so I was ready to take a few days of annual leave if need be.  But somehow, what should have (and could have) been a restful and fun week off, became an organized schedule of duties and chores each day.

My one concession was to let myself sleep in each morning. That really wasn’t hard, though, given the amount of physical labor I was doing every day.  And, in full disclosure, “sleep late” meant sleeping til 8:30. That’s late, right?

So there I was with an open schedule, and still I’m having 2.5 cups of coffee in the morning, walking the dog at 10, 12 and 4, catching up on laundry, vacuuming the living room (finally). My craziness consisted of baking banana bread, and getting through a couple of issues in that stack of New Yorkers.

Yeah, I’m wild like that.

You know, there’s a lot going on in the world these days. I can’t write about all of it, though sometimes I feel like I should. But I’m here to tell you I’m still thinkin’ and I’m back to writing.

After all, tomorrow is another day, Scarlett.



  1. What snow??

    Banana bread – I will email you my address, feel free to mail some to me in our non-snow wonderland up north.

  2. I’d mail you the snow if I could! This has truly been a test if my usual snow-love. If we were better prepared to deal with the roads, I think I’d be having more fun. Ice ruts and pot holes do not fun make ….

  3. you know us jelloheads, we will always check in to find out what is going on or what is on your mind! hang in there, a couple sunny days and all that snow will be a distant memory. after 3 weeks of watching storms miss us to the south, we are suppose to finally get some snow tomorrow evening and wednesday here in maine.

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