Photo for Thought …

From a collection of images at The Guardian. The caption reads:

New Delhi, India: Children in work with their parents (out of shot) on construction of the Jawaharal Nehru stadium at the weekend. The Commonwealth Games are due to be held in India in 2010. The children are under no obligation to work but are paid in bread and milk and receive dinner from the contractor.

This makes my head spin. I immediately remembered a t.v. program Unnamed Partner and I watched recently about young boys working in the coal mines of western Pennsylvania at the turn of the century, and how greatful we were that this doesn’t go on in this country any more.

And what would Jawaharal Nehru say about this? How young are these children? And the most heart-wrenching thought to me: is it better for them to do this and receive milk and bread …  than go hungry?


One comment

  1. When I was in India on business, you would see stuff like this right next to modern American office parks. Third world and first world collide there all the time. Elephants walking down the streets hauling timber,women in Sari’s working hardhat construction – way up high, no scaffolding — building those towers that will have American corporate names on them

    But here’s the thing: India has a very elaborate caste system. We always forget that, but it still exists. I promise you, those kids are The Untouchables. There is very much there that is wrong.



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