Friday Music Video

Let me explain today’s choice, because it is a sort of odd video that accompanies a beautiful song. You see, I’m sending Dido, singing “Thank You,” out to the District of Columbia City Council, who passed an ordinance recognizing same sex marriages in DC. It went into effect on Wednesday, March 3, meaning marriage equality is now a reality for more American citizens.

One of 2 votes against the the bill was cast by Marion Barry, who voted against it on “moral” grounds. Yes — adulterous, drug addicted, thieving Marion Barry, who I suspect is in for a big surprise when he meets his maker on the other side.

And the other reason I love this song is that it always makes me think of the scene from “If These Walls Could Talk Part 2,” with Ellen DeGeneres and Sharon Stone. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I mean. It is a love scene that is sweet, hot, beautiful, and certainly NSFW. It’s a movie that will take you through every emotion, and I encourage you to see it if you have not already. Several stories that will each grab your heart. The first story with Vanessa Redgrave is especially powerful in light of the steps forward we are making in marriage equality.

All right — too much to think about for a Friday video. Just listen, and enjoy!

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  1. I remember the movie vividly- it is one that stays with you. my favorite part is when Ellen’s character is driving with the sperm tank strapped in next to her… having gone through the process, it was so dead on right, I laughed, and I cried…

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