Another year already?

What a cryptic name she uses: “Fed with No Goats.” You might think she has an aversion to goat meat, when in reality it’s just that she’s a hard working federal employee who used to have a lot of goats, but got rid of them. Cute as they are when babies, it turns out that adult goats are kind of a pain in the neck. Jumping the fence, butting your head, showing up out of nowhere (“Do we have a white billy goat? No? Well, apparently we do now.”)

Anyway, have a great, goat-free birthday, my friend!



  1. Thanks for you wonderful birthday wishes, Sue J. Yep, didn’t intend to be a goat farmer but started with 3 female goats and ended up with 14 before you could blink. Happy to be free of that responsibility now, despite how gregarious and cute they are. My plan for the day:

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