Friday Music Video

So um, it turns out Sinéad O’Connor was on to something back in 1992 when she appeared on Saturday Night Live. She recently wrote a column for The Washington Post that is well worth the read, as it gives some insight into the tangled relationship of the Catholic Church and Ireland.

Meanwhile, here’s a live version of one of my favorites of hers: “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.



  1. Interesting article in Sunday’s NYTimes about why the Catholic church is concerned above all about defending itself against what it sees as a hostile world.

    “Angela’s Ashes” by Frank McCourt offers a searing indictment of the Irish Catholic church’s cruelty against children, including letting them starve.

    Hope I’m not giving the impression that I have some “issues” with the church of my youth.

  2. “Angela’s Ashes” has got to be the most depressing book I have ever read — and I’ve read a lot of ’em!

    Ireland and Catholicism. Theocracy at work.

    And today, this:

    ROME — A senior Vatican priest speaking at a Good Friday service compared the uproar over sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church — which have included reports about Pope Benedict XVI’s oversight role in two cases — to the persecution of the Jews, sharply raising the volume in the Vatican’s counterattack.

    1. We’re asking for transparency and justice & the church (I refuse to upper case it) has the temerity to invoke the persecution of the Jews?!

      Re Angela’s Ashes, yes that.

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