Pardon out dust …

If you’re a long-time reader here, you’ve no doubt noticed the more than usual sporadic nature of this blog. I’ve been sort of torn about this blog for a while now, meandering around, looking for a focus. It’s impossible to maintain a blog that is about all things all the time.  I enjoy writing a blog, though, and for some unknown reason, people seem to enjoy reading it.

But the reality has become that I spend way more time thinking about what to write than I do actually writing. And then after all that thinking, sometimes I don’t even write anything.

I have decided to actually have a focus to this thing, albeit a broad one. Pretty much, the focus is going to be “life as I see it.” Meaning, I’ll be writing a lot more about our house projects, our garden projects, our animals, our pond ….

I can’t not write about politics — it’s something that’s in my DNA.  From the age of 2 I grew up inside the beltway, and I’ve followed elections since I campaigned for George McGovern in the sixth grade. But I’ve honestly burned out on tracking the insider games of Washington. I mean, I could focus on one subject — which is something I thought about. I could focus on the Iraq War, for example, since no one seems to be paying much attention to that. But I honestly do not have the energy to do that consistently.

So, as I struggle to get this blog under control, please brace yourselves for more information about the famous “Bathroom Project” (no, it’s not finished yet), regular updates on the first tomatoes of summer, the pros and cons of using corn gluten rather than RoundUp, and the joys of eating a salad from the garden.



  1. Looking forward to hearing about your approach to life–and politics, of course–Sue. I like your kneeling pad, btw. But now I have to finish my taxes, dammit.

  2. Thanks Tom! Maybe you can get a new knee pad with your big refund. I bought this one at a place called “Good Stuff Cheap” — the old knees ain’t what they used to be!

  3. What, what, what, you’re still working on the bathroom floor?! Weren’t you working on that before I retired end of September…oh eight? Just teasing. We have projects in my house that were started in the century past and still aren’t finished.

    If you want my two cents about what you should do with your blog, I like the focus on one thing option. That way I’d get educated in the process and could devote my freed up time to something fun, like plotting against Dick Cheney or learning to tweet. But that’s just good, old selfless me. Always thinking about the other guy.

    Actually, your idea of doing a low-key, domestically focused blog for a spell sounds wise (would you lose a lot of followers? Do you care?). Something really rewarding could develop as a result.
    May the force be with you.

  4. btw, that has to be either another bathroom, or an old picture. i know the tile floor has been completed, or else my memory is totally shot!

  5. Your memory’s still good, Donald! The tile is down and my hair is longer. I’ll post some updates on this room soon. We’re actually pretty far along, but it’s things like the threshold, one piece of floor molding, tile trim around the tub. But yes — the tile is on the floor, a new sink, vanity, and toilet have been installed, wainscoting is on the wall, and it is achingly close to being finished ….

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