“I had too much to dream last night”

I’ve been out of commission  for a couple of days with some kind of headcold/allergy thing. Probably stress in there, too. You may ask, Sue J what on earth are you so stressed about? And my answer would be: What am I not stressed about. Go ahead. Try. I’m stressed.

Like a lot of people I know, I hold the stress in, most days. And then, of course, the stress comes out at night. I have had some of the oddest dreams lately, and I don’t need a doctor to tell me what they’re all about. Like the one where I felt like my car was driving a little rough, and when I reached my destination and got out of the car, I saw that I was driving on the rims of the two back wheels.

At another point last night, I dreamed that I couldn’t turn off the shower head. I don’t know what that was about, really. U.P just paid the water bill last night, and it was no more than usual (water is still a bargain in our neck of the woods.)

I also have an often reoccurring dream (which I somehow avoided last night), where I am in a city which sort of looks like DC, but not exactly. And there is a subway system that I feel I know my way around, except that when I get off at the stop I think I should be at, I’m very far from my destination and have to walk.

Oh, and I am trying to catch a plane somewhere, so I need to hurry.

So. How did you sleep last night?



  1. I am sleeping unusually well these days and not having too many dreams that I remember. Could it be all the exercise? Goodness knows I’m still a stressy mess.

  2. better than you, obviously!

    i wish i would have a dream where i went to a red sox game and they actually won! maybe the orioles coming in for the weekend will help that!! LOL

  3. I dreamed a ‘Terminator’ type robot came into my credit union terrorizing the place. It came up to me and said, “I want your eyes”. Calmly I responded that we should go to the bathroom for the transaction so others wouldn’t be grossed out. As we entered the bathroom, I locked the door behind us. He took my eyes out of my sockets and preceeded to leave, but couldn’t get out because the door was locked. He wanted me to open it, but I said I couldn’t because I couldn’t see.
    Strange…interpret that…

  4. morgan’s dream? she’s a cop. she outwitted the robot. excellent job- but not easy. you had to sacrifice perhaps losing your eyes.

    you give up a lot to take care of others.

    sue’s? anxiety. the water won’t stop. there are no tires. you think you know where you are but you don’t…

    ah, my thirty cent jr. psychology degree.

    my worst dream? I have been caught not finishing one last class for college. I have to go back. I have no idea what I’m doing. My kids need me and I’m trying to find dr. heyduk’s classroom.

    nah, not really my worst, but an ongoing anxiety dream I’ve had for years.

    my worst dream in the last few days was of allan yelling at me, waving a piece of paper in his hand, telling me I didn’t meet the agreement.


  5. Okay, so last night’s dream was that the red light came on the fuel gauge as I was driving up the on-ramp of the interstate. I wish my dreams were little more mysterious. Not much to decipher about “running on empty”!

  6. I love interpreting dreams. I agree all yours are stress related!

    One recurring dream I’ve had over the years is the one where I’m trying to get to work but I’m late (which was always typical of me anyway) but on top of that I am really really late, can’t get there for one reason or another (car keeps breaking down, keep having detours, whatever) and for some reason i am unable to contact work to tell them I’m on my way.

    I’ve also had the usual ones of being at school and realizing today is the day of the final exam (or a paper is due) for a class I completely forgot I had and didn’t go to any of the classes all semester. More recently I’m at work and am supposed to be going to a seminar and I can’t find it in the building….

    Since I retired and am no longer working I have been having more work-related dreams than ever!

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