Top Chef, eat your heart out

I know I’ve been light on the posting lately, and I do apologize. But I have my personal Top Chef in Unnamed Partner, and we are busy dining on delightful dishes such as this. The lettuce is growing in the garden, as is the spinach. I’m also attempting broccoli for the first time, so we shall see how that turns out.   Yes, that is steak on there, but we actually just cooked one steak on the grill, and then sliced it up and put it on top of two salads.  It turns out that an entire steak is more than one person needs to eat, contrary to what you might have heard from places like Outback ….



  1. Beautiful. Looks like something I could eat all summer long. I’m looking forward to seeing some of that broccoli.

  2. sounds like a deal sara. that way you can have a resident chef AND resident rabble rouser!! bring them to maine with you, i could use a couple of them too!!

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