We are not the Beale sisters

Yesterday I got home from work and mowed the lawn. Normally this is a weekend project for me, but last weekend was very busy, and although I did get around to some yard work on Saturday, mowing never happened. But Tuesday evening when I was changing out of  my work clothes I looked around the upstairs rooms and realized we had gotten stuck in the middle of our seasonal clothing change-over. In case you’re one of those people living in a “new” house with those new-fangled things called “closets, let me explain. The change-over is when people who live in old houses pack up the out-of-season clothes into large plastic boxes which are then stacked into the one or two oddly angled spaces we call “closets.” So now, we are pulling the boxes out and unpacking the the warm weather clothes (cargo shorts!), throwing them in the wash, and packing up the cold-weather garb (fleece!). Except — with a cold snap a week or so ago, we got confused. So there are piles of clothes everywhere, and warm-weather and cold-weather have been mixed together.

I stepped over piles of laundry and then took the dog out back. Looking around at the overgrown lawn and the general messy state of the patio, I suddenly thought:  “We’re becoming less ‘House of Jello’ and more ‘Grey Gardens‘!!”

Although there is a certain charm in an unkempt garden, the lawn is mowed, and tonight the laundry will be sorted. This weekend, the patio must be cleared. The corners of the yard, though, they may just be left to their own overgrown devices …



  1. If you would see my house, you would know that we both prefer working out in the yard to working inside the house. The patio needs straightening, it’s true. But the inside has more substantial projects that need to be tackled (and completed!) and I just never seem to get to them.

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