Wednesday Poetry Break

The Poetry Foundation web site has this nice feature called “Random Poems.” It’s a great way to discover poems and poets that otherwise might escape our notice. I don’t know this poet, but found that his imagery and message is strong, and all the more so because it is rather brief. Hope you enjoy.


I made up a story for myself once,
That each glove I lost
Was sent to my father in prison

That’s all it would take for him
To chart my growth without pictures
Without words or visits,

Only colors and design,
Texture; it was ok then
For skin to chafe and ash,

To imagine him
Trying on a glove,
Stretching it out

My open palm closing
And disappearing
In his fist.

— Jose Angel Araguz



  1. Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for posting my poem on your blog. It was very sweet of you. I’m glad you appreciated it. Take care. –Jose

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